In the spring of 2016, Ike and Kelsey Shepardson approached long-time friends, Tyler and Cassie Zabor and Scott and Kelsey Lasher, about a dream that had been growing in their hearts—a dream that looked a lot like a church. Providentially, similar dreams of a church in the city of Denver had been sprouting in the hearts of the Zabors and the Lashers. 

Throughout the next year, over many conversations and prayers around the dinner table, those dreams began to take shape; dreams of an authentic community of people living as missionaries in their own sphere of influence; of hundreds of Denverites coming to love and follow Jesus; dreams of a church that exists for the outsider, the skeptic, the questioner—of people who engage in conversations with the most spiritually distant people in the city of Denver; dreams of a church that is more a movement than a place.

These dreams, birthed out of deep friendship and an even deeper desire to see people come to know the hope of Jesus, became Hope Denver Church. We are a community that exists to bring the hope of Jesus to the people of Denver. We desire that people would encounter God, find belonging, and serve those around them. Join us at our Sunday gathering at 5:30pm or at one of our many Hope Groups throughout the week.