Holy Week Devotional Day 2

Day 2


Luke 19:41-44
Mark 16:16


Can you picture it? The anguish on Jesus’ face? It’s so at odds with the raucous display around him. Everyone is cheering and celebrating as he enters the city of Jerusalem but Jesus in all of his love and wisdom is devastated for them. 

You see, he knew what was coming. He knew that their displays of praise and affection would be as fleeting as a single breath. He knew that they completely misunderstood his purpose and his power. While those around him cheered for him, they assumed he would be a military leader who would overthrow the Roman empire and free them politically. 

Instead, Jesus would overthrow sin and the grave and free them spiritually. Free us spiritually. And then, he would be rejected by so many because his purposes were far greater than they imagined. 

 While Jesus weeps here in Luke 19, he’s picturing what would come about forty years later. In A.D. 70, Titus, son of the Roman emperor Vespasian sieged Jerusalem in response to a Jewish revolt. By the end, the city laid fallen and burned and over six thousand Jews had been killed. A devastating conclusion to their rejection of their Savior. 

Jesus’ response to this rejection was heartbreak. His tears flowed freely as he thought about those who would choose to live without his love and freedom. 

What is our response when we think about those around us who have rejected Jesus? Do we weep over our city? Do our hearts break at the thought of someone in our sphere of influence rejecting the opportunity God has offered?

It should. 

 We should be overcome with sadness when we think about them. We should weep and pray and try and change it.  


As you go about your day today, think about those around you who don’t know Jesus. Allow your mind and heart to contemplate what life might be like for them. Are they anxious? Lonely? Struggling with sin? Then, don’t stop there. Employ empathy. Let your heart break as you think about life for them without Jesus and let that devastation compel you to share Jesus with them. 


Pray that God would awaken in you a burden for those around you who don’t know him. 
Pray that he would help you share the comfort and joy of knowing Christ with those who need it.